Sunday, April 16, 2006

Quick Gathering Summary

I'll write up more details when I get home, but some quick final notes: I ended up playing 109 games (63 titles) with 82 different people. As usual, it was a great time. Upon minimal reflection, the real "hits" for me were the previously mentioned Thurn und Taxis, Um Krone und Kragen, Blue Moon City and Descent. The second tier would be Mauer Bauer, Augsburg 1520, Dragons of Kir and Nacht der Magier. The third tier would include Times Square, Fiji, Maus in the House, Cleopatra. These are all games i will either buy or seriously consider. There were a lot of other reasonably good games (fourth tier and below, not listed) which I may not buy but will happily play again. There were only a few I'd avoid, and for now I'll avoid much commentary because I only played once (for the games I disliked, this is natural) and want to avoid criticizing a game before others can give it a fair shake.

The new entries on the list above since my last entry are
Descent which I hadn't previously tried, but we had a great
session in which Aldie, Uwe Eickert and I were crushed by the overlord
Matthew Monin (aka Octavian). I'll definitely have to grab that
despite the playing time and price tag. Dragons of Kir is a
great little two-player that Greg Schloesser has apparently been
commenting favorably upon and I played on the recommandation of Ava
Jarvis. I'm very glad I did. Finally, Maus in the House is an
adorable Haba game about flicking mice, but different from Mause
Rallye, another game about flicking mice and also different from
Pounce, a game about yanking mice.

Today, the final day for me had two highlights, the prize table
ceremony, in which I got a late pick but still got a few nice things,
and a dinner with the BGG admins. Not all the
admins were there, but the vast majority were and it was nice to meet
the one or two I hadn't before and chat about BGG in person.

I'll try to post more pictures and some comments on the games I
particularly enjoyed this week. Requests/questions/suggestions are
welcome. As for the locals in Felix's group and others, of the new
games, I'm bringing back Blue Moon City and Times Square.

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