Thursday, October 30, 2003

Attika, Finstere Flure and Schwarzarbeit

Last night I played these three. I had played Attika once, two
player, at Essen, with the wrong rules. With the correct rules it is
substantially better. It occured to us that given that Hans im Gluck
also published Attila, they'll next need to publish "Attija". Maybe
an oil related game (Abdullah Hamad al-Attija appears to have been an
OPEC president at one point). In any case, Attika is enjoyable and I
look forward to playing it more.

Schwarzarbeit seemed to have one of the common deduction game
problems: everyone figures everything out at the same time. We played
with allowing note-taking, which wasn't clear whether or not if it was
intended, but like most deduction games, eliminating note taking would
probably make it unreasonably hard. Maybe that's how it's supposed to
be played though. Unfortunately, as a result, it was a lot of luck at
the end when everyone had figured things out. I'll still give it
another try.

Finstere Flure continues to be very enjoyable. In addition to being a
very fun game, the components are beautiful and the rules are easy to

I also updated my 10s and 20s list.

Monday, October 27, 2003

Finstere Flure, Google AdSense, this weblog, etc.

I got back yesterday from Spiel in Essen yesterday. It was very
good. This evening, I played Finstere Flure, the new one from
Friedemann Friese and was very impressed. It's a nice balance of
theme and mechanics and was a lot of fun.

I've added some Google AdSense ads to the bottoms of a few of my
pages. I'll see how it goes for a few days and decide if I'm keeping
them there. (eg, boardgamestuff
and game store database)

I'm going to see what I can do to update this page a bit more often,
as it's been almost abandoned.