Wednesday, February 15, 2006

BoardGameGeek XML API

For a while now I've been working on exposing some of the data in BoardGameGeek via an XML interface. While it is far from finished, and may never be, it's in a useful enough form that I've officially announced the BoardGameGeek XML API. Right now it provides access to game information, game searching, and collection information. I'm very interested in what sorts of interesting things people may build with it.

On the topic of other websites I contribute to, it's worth mentioning Best of Board Games, a boardgame link aggregation blog, essentially meant to be the successor to Alfred Wallace's now-discontinued "Best of the Blogosphere" feature. It was started by Gameblogger Mikko Saari and includes Alfred, Iain and me as other regular contributors. It's a nice blog to have and I'm glad to be able to contribute. To tie the two together, Mikko decided to note the BGG XML API as a best of the web feature. Enjoy.