Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Games Summary

The larger half of my game collection
Well, after several years of gradual decline in game playing, the trend has finally reversed and I again played over 1 game/day average. Additionally, it was a good year for gaming: we moved and I now have a dedicated game room (pictured), my kids continue to want to play lots of games, and my daughter is now able to play some "real" games, and my colleagues have been totally bitten by the Race for the Galaxy bug. Overall, it's been a good gaming year.

Games Room
We said when we moved we'd make sure the new house had a room that could be the games room. Well, we moved, and we did (see photo) and I played a lot of games there. In the end I played 112 games at home, about 96 of them in the new house. Even better, the games room is front and center in the house, and I look forward to hosting more gaing sessions in 2009.

Gaming with Kids
My kids continue to turn in to excellent gamers. My 4-year-old is now playing games with meaningful choices and my 2-year-old's favorite way to delay bedtime is to ask "One more game?". Further, my 4-year-old was the person I played the most games with in 2008. In 2008, I played 63 games with her.

Gaming at Work
At the end of 2007 I started organizing gaming at lunch at work on Fridays. By mid-2008 we were regularly having two tables of gaming for the hour, and a waiting list for Race. We got a second copy of Race and expanded to Monday lunchtime gaming as well. In the end I played 59 games at lunch and another 29 at other work related events (retreats, after work, etc.) The majority of the work gaming has been Race, but with a solid sprinkling of Dominion, 6 nimmt!, For Sale, Pandemic, and the like.

Regular Gaming Group
I made 17 out of 24(?) sessions this year, and this remains my main source of variety in games and remains a great group to game with.

Overall Stats
  • 370 Games Played
    • 27% at home (family & guests)
    • 24% at work
    • 19% regular gaming group
    • 18% "events" (eg, Unity Games)
    • 12% other friends' homes
  • 168 different Titles
  • 140 days with at least one game played
  • 66 new-to-me games played
  • Gamed with 159 different people
  • 26 new games or expansions acquired
Top Games
  • 80 games of Race for the Galaxy
  • 22 games of Dominion
  • 11 games of Electronic Catchphrase
  • 8 games of Monkey Madness
  • 8 games of Pandemic
  • 6 games of 6 nimmt!
  • 6 games of Arbos
  • 5 games of Walk the Dogs
  • 5 games of Go Away Monster!
  • 5 games of Zack & Pack