Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 6, Consensus of hits

BlueMoon City being built

I haven't played much new in the past couple days but have played a
bunch of the games I liked a second or third time as well as an old
favorite or two. The one new game worth commenting on that I played
is Ausberg 1520. We all failed to realize a key strategic component,
and by the time we did, it was a little too late, but it seems to have
a lot of potential. I'll have to try it again.

I've been asking a lot of people what the "hits" of the gathering have
been, and here's the consensus: Thurn und Taxis is by far the most
universally mentioned. Some like it better than others, but I haven't
found anyone who doesn't like it. Mauer Bauer and Um Krone und Kragen
are probably about tied for next most frequent mention. Blue Moon
City, Cleopatra and Elasund are the main others regularly mentioned,
where the first two are heavily limited by the availability of only a
single copy each. New copies of Blue Moon City arrived this evening,
probably yielding some increase in play the rest of the week.

I've also asked for SdJ predictions from various people, and though most
people have agreed it is too unpredictable to try, names still get
mentioned: Thurn und Taxis, Mauer Bauer, and Nacht der Magier,
notably. Jay Tummelson also made the amusing point that Thurn &
Taxis, Mauer Bauer or Hacienda seem likely, given that this should be
Hans im Gluck's year, if the pattern holds. (Hans im Gluck has won
every five years since 1991, with an additional award in 1994)

I don't think there's anything else I feel I have to play among the new
stuff. Any suggestions?

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