Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 3

It has struck me, while there have been no overwhelming hits this year,
like Puerto Rico did in 2002, there are a lot of "very good" games and
few disappointments. Today, I'd add Mauer Bauer, Cleopatra & tSoA,
and Blue Moon City to the "very favorable" list. A bunch of others
are good and for other people they may be even better, like Il
Principe, Aton and Times Square. Times Square almost gets on the
first list, but I don't see a ton of depth yet.

It's been great to play games with (and in several cases, meet for the
first time) ubiquitous BGGers such as Matthew Monin, Ava Jarvis,
Daniel Karp. Matthew Monin, Ava Jarvis and I also happen to share
quite a bit of taste in games, but realized that there may not be a
copy of Knizia's Lord of the Rings at the event, which is a favorite
which none of get to play often enough. Hopefully, we'll find a copy.

So, to summarize the "hits": Thurn und Taxis, Um Krone und Kragen, Mauer Bauer, Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, and Blue Moon City. In the under 60 hours I've been here already, I've played 35 games (though 6 were of "Launch Across", a 90-seconds-per-play Connect 4 meets Gnip-Gnop game) with 35 different people. I'll probably shift gears a little to stop focusing on playing exclusively new stuff, but there's still a bunch of new stuff to try, so not entirely.

My camera doesn't arrive until later in the week, when my wife arrives, but in the mean time, there are pictures of several games I've commented on over at Rick Thornquist's second day report, including a few of me (eg, me as sherrif in Hart an der Grenze).

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