Sunday, April 9, 2006

Day 2

Given the hour, I'm not posting much. I played a bunch of new games (9 different) and most were good and a couple were very good. Thurn und Taxis is quite good and Um Krone und Kragen is also very interesting, if a little heavy on the down-time in a 5-player game. Um Ruhm und Ehre did not impress anyone in the game we played. California was unremarkable with 5 but seemed to have a lot of potential and positive comments from others based on plays with fewer people.

I'll definitely have to play Um Krone und Kragen again, try California with fewer and try some others (Chinesische Mauer, Seerauber) a second time. As far as the "buzz" of what's getting played a lot, nothing is dominating but Thurn und Taxis is certainly getting played a lot, and Caylus and TTR:Marklin both seem to be being played in at least one place pretty often.

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