Saturday, April 8, 2006

Gathering of Friends, 2006, Day 1

I arrived this evening and played some games. I'm not going to really
give a detailed narrative here, but I will make some comments on
games, people and anything else that seems relevant.

I played a handful of games this evening, including some Friedemann
Friese pre-production games that were quite good. The only one I'm
allowed to comment on is Fiji, his upcoming game about
competing for shrunken heads. It's a fun, quick, light game of double
and triple guessing your opponents, as well as some confusing but
entertaining decisions (eg, If I play green gems, I'll get red gems,
but I want to get rid of both). Overall, a clever game I look forward
to playing more. His other prototypes were also on the lighter side
(more successors to Foppen or Finstere Flure than Power Grid) but were
quite good.

Command & Colors: Ancients. If you like Battle Cry and Memoir
'44, but wish they were more complicated, and don't mind much less
nice components, this is for you. It is not at all for me.

Angkor. Interesting, short, fairly random but fun tile laying
game. I'd play it again, but it seemed rather heavily influenced by
the luck of the tile draw.

Big Manitou. Fun, nice components, but the big version didn't
grab me any more than the not-so-big version did years and years ago.
I haven't played Manitou in over 5 years and Big Manitou probably
won't change that.

Not a ton of people have arrived yet, but I did see Alan and a bunch of familiar Boston folks. I got to play games with Ron Charity (of RC Hobbies), the wonderful Friedemann Friese (of 2F-Spiele, of course), JD Sterling Babcock (a fellow BGG admin) and a handful of Boston-area folks. All-in-all, a good start.

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