Tuesday, June 1, 2004

May 2004 Games

May, 2004

May was a really slow month for games, but after April, that's ok.

27 played, 24 titles (3 new to me) over 9 sessions with 22
diffent people.

Hot Games for May, 2004

St. Petersburg
A local pulled this off the prize table at the
Gathering so it's naturally gotten a lot of
play. Very good. My copy should arrive this week.

I continue to enjoy this, particularly with 4 players.

I recently played the "short game", where you only
play to the number of VPs proscribed for one more player than you have. Works well.

Nice Knizia abstract.

I still enjoy this, especially with the variant.

San Juan
I actually wish I'd played more of this.

Industrial Waste
It always surprises me who likes this and who doesn't. I still enjoy it a great deal.

6 nimmt!
This went on a brief, undeserved hiatus in March and April. Good to have it back.

You're Bluffing
This really makes you think differently, and that's nice.

Adam & Eva
Lighter, but among the best of the flag influence games.

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