Thursday, June 3, 2004

Chase Mortgage Customer Service

I recently found a problem on my mortgage statement caused due to a
sequence of errors by Chase, my bank and me. I called Chase customer
service to try to get it resolved and was appalled at the service I
received. The customer service representative was unhelpful,
uninformed and rude. I asked that she have someone who could help me
call me back the next day.

Nobody called the next day, and I went to their web site and sent an
email inquiry, expecting that to go to into the black hole that is
often email support. A bit less than 48 hours later I received a
polite, helpful, informative and apologetic email back explaining both
what they would do and what I needed to do in order to correct the
problem. I was shocked.

A couple weeks later, I checked back online and my online statement
did not seem to reflect the changes I expected it to. I sent another
email inquiry. Another 48 hours later and I got back another
response, again politely apologetic, indicating the problem had indeed
been resolved and their online system unfortunately did not always
reflect those changes promptly.

Today, I received both a paper statement and a hand signed letter from
Chase indicating the problem had been resolved and apologizing for the
confusion. While I am still rather disturbed at their response when I
called, the quality of their email support largely made up for it.
Given that email support is probably an economical solution for them
and at many levels a preferable solution to me, I'm pleased to know
they are using it effectively and I'll naturally use it in preference
to the phone in the future. I hope their poor quality phone service
is not at all an intentional attempt to drive people to the
easier-to-manage email support.

In any case, if you have a customer service issue with Chase, skip the
phone and send them an email.

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  1. Wow sorry to hear about your misfortunes with dealing with Chase Bank. I have been dealing with the same extremely bad customer service from Chase on a home mortgage I have. The latest was this morning when someone from Chase called stating my mortgage payment wasn't paid. Before I could ask if they show record of my last payment the lady hung-up on me and never called back. I called the number back to make sure it wasn't a scam and it was in fact Chase Mortgage. I will not consider using any of their services in the future.

    Customer service isn’t just a catchy phrase it implies you are providing your customers a service.

    Matthew could you please post Chase's email? They don't have one located on their site (including in the members log-in)