Friday, June 11, 2004

Good online game stores

It seems over the past year or so there has been a deluge of new
online games stores. I have ordered from a few of them, but for a
long time I ordered from href=;;RGBR>Funagain
primarily. Their selection is essentially the best of the domestic
online sellers and their prices are usually competetive (plus, they do
price matching, if you're willing to deal with it). Recently though I
have used Game Surplus for my
orders and have been quite pleased. In addition to having outstanding
prices and a selection that approaches Funagain's. Further, they are
in Pennysylvania which means their shipping to Boston only takes 2
days even via UPS ground, which is very nice, especially compared to
the sometimes substantial delays that shipping from Oregon (Funagain's
home) seemed to yield.

Both Game Surplus and Funagain have well done web sites and shopping
cart systems which used to more of a distinguishing characteristic.
Additionally, both are responsive to special requests and questions
over email which makes it nice to do business with them.

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