Sunday, June 20, 2004

Extremely useful websites

I tend not to use this site for the usual blogging purpose of listing
"cool links" and whatnot. There's already a great many sites that do
this far better than I ever could and there's only a limited value in
re-citing useful links.

There are, however, two sites I've been reading regularly for many
months and feel they're unusually valuable and often unknown:

  • is a
    site run by an independent non-partisan group funded by the Annenberg
    Foundation. Basically, they analyze political advertising and write
    detailed response papers indicating what claims are true, false,
    exaggerated, incomplete or otherwise in need of clarification.
  • Footnote TV is a site
    which outstandingly cites references to news and issues addressed in
    various television programs, particularly "The Daily Show" and "The
    West Wing".

They're both extremely worth following.

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