Saturday, April 16, 2005

Miscellanous notes

More second play improvements: Australia and Carcassonne: The
Discovery, both of which were "fair to good" on their first play have
been bumped up in my esteem on a second play. A second play of Louis
XIV also left me happier with it. English cards helps too. It's not
revolutionary, but it's quite a good game.

Jambo is very good but many people already seem to know that.
Montanara, not so much. Adventure League is fun and a good middle
weight Knizia game and warrants another play. I was neither
unimpressed nor excited by it.

Another game to add to the "good buzz" category is Diamant, but it's
not quite as new as some other (being all of a few weeks "old").
Shadows over Camelot is also getting a lot of good comments, though it
is long and there is only one copy so I haven't had a chance to play

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