Friday, April 15, 2005

A confluence of interests

Gaming, href=>technology and href=>fatherhood converged in an interesting
way. I am here at the Gathering, as is href=>Genevieve. Genevieve requires frequent naps
and goes to bed before 8pm. Unfortunately, this makes getting gaming
done a little harder, as either my wife or I have to be up in the room
while the baby sleeps. Further, we have to be quiet and the room has
to be dark, so it's not even conducive to having some friends up to
the room to game.

We checked if the baby monitor would work, but the distance from the
room to the hall is too far. Another couple was in a similar
situation, though they had two rooms, one for them and another for
their boys. We came up with a great solution. Their room was within
range of our baby monitor, and naturally their two rooms were
adjacent. So, after all the children were asleep, we put the
receivers for their monitor and our monitor in their (the other
couple's) room. Then, we put our laptop next to those baby monitors.
Fortunately, the hotel as free WiFi, something all hotels should have.
We installed Skype on our laptop and
theirs. We then made a call with Skype from our laptop to theirs, and
all the adults went down to the gaming hall with their laptop which
could "hear" any noise coming from either room. It worked great, and
all children slept peacefully and all parents had peace of mind and
got to play Louis XIV.

We used a similar set-up during Genevieve's naps during the day with
much success, and she timed her naps well to coincide with the endings
of a game of Fiese Freunde Fette
and later a game of href=>Jambo. The impressive thing to
me is not that we did it, but that it was simple to execute with no
advanced planning. VoIP over wireless, baby monitors and
interoperability are good things.

Other than gaming at the Gathering, the Columbus Zoo is very nice and
Genevieve loved the manatees. And, as always, href=>Graeter's Ice Cream is extremely

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