Friday, April 1, 2005

Games I Never Win

(Like many "list" blog entries, I'm not sure this serves any purpose other than self-indulgence, sorry.)

On average, I do reasonably well at most games. I'm better at some, worse at others. There are some I'm really bad at, like Hick Hack in Gacklewack, which I've won once in 16 plays. I'm doing something wrong, but at least I have that one win. There is, however, a limited list of games that I have never won, not even a single game. Obviously, there's a bunch of games I've played only once or twice and haven't won, but I'm not counting those. Without further ado, games (I've played 5+ times) that I've never won:

  • Coloretto (0/12)
  • Arbos (0/8)
  • Metro (0/7)
  • Wyatt Earp (0/7)
  • Zum Kuckuck (0/7)
  • Das Amulett (0/6)
  • Drahseilakt (0/6)
  • Power Grid (0/6)

I don't see any big unifying theme. A couple of them are games I
continue to enjoy very much: Power Grid and Zum Kuckuck. A couple are
games that my poor performance has certainly taken the shine off of:
Coloretto and Metro. I've never especially liked Wyatt Earp, but I
feel that way about many rummy games, but others like it so much I've
been convinced to play it a bunch. My hands are shaky, so Arbos is no
surprise; it's more of a surprise that no other dexterity games are
present. Das Amulett and Drahtseilakt I also still like. Of all of
them, I'd really like to win a game of Power Grid.

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