Sunday, April 10, 2005

2005 Gathering of Friends, Part 1

Well, I've been here a couple days now and as always, it's great to
see people I don't get to see very often and the weather is wonderful.
In terms of games, nothing has really jumped out at me so far, but
that may be because of unreasonably high hopes for a few of them.

Manila is a better betting game than most. It was better played
quickly. Amazonas was good, but I was sort of hoping for more, given
it is a "big box" from Stefan Dorra. Tower of Babel wasn't as
interesting of an experience and I hope that was partially because it
was late and it was five players. I hear it is better with fewer, and
I really had high hopes for a Knizia game from Hans im Gluck. Ubongo
is another good entry in the "speed parallel puzzle sovling" genre.
Fjorde is nice. Ticket to Ride Europe is quite good. I enjoy
standard TTR, but I'm not as much a booster of it as many are. I
enjoy this new version somewhat more. The map feels "better" somehow
and the rules tweaks seem improvements.

I'll try to post some more detailed comments as the week goes on.
I'll even try to answer questions posted as comments.

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