Thursday, March 11, 2004

Flag Influence Games

Games fall in broad categories and it is useful to have names for those categories. For example, there are trick taking games (aka WhistVariants), "auction games", "tile laying games" or "influence games" or even more broadly, "party games". There's a category of games which I tend to enjoy a great deal that share several common mechanics but are missing a good label. This category includes BattleLine/SchottenTotten, Tabula Rasa, Adam & Eva, Caesar & Cleopatra, BalloonCup, Scarab Lords, Lost Cities, and I'm sure there's more. In some cases, like Lost Cities, it's a little more of a stretch, in the same way that say, Foppen, is not just a straight "trick taking game".

So, help me here, what's a better name than "Flag Influence Games", because that's an awful name. Further, what other games are out there in this cateogry? Obviously, they tend to be 2-player, and Reiner Knizia has done more than his fair share of them.

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