Friday, March 5, 2004

February2004 Games

February, 2004

43 games played, 28 titles (6 new to me) over 7 sessions with 37 different people.

Hot Games for February, 2004

  • Yinsh (3 plays)
    Very good new abstract. See QuickGameThoughts.

  • Oasis (2 plays)
    I continue to enjoy this and while it may not be the next big thing, it's quite good.

  • ScarabLords (3 plays)
    Solid two player which isn't as CCG-like as it might initially seem.

  • AdamAndEva (3 plays)
    Still great.

  • ElectronicCatchphrase (5 plays)
    "Jiminy Cricket, for example", "Grasshopper!" Yep. Oh.

  • 10DaysInAfrica (3 plays)
    The nearer two countries are to one another in Africa, the more likely they are to rhyme.

  • PrincesOfFlorence (1 play)
    I managed to go from 0 points to a 3rd of 5 finish in the sixth and seventh rounds. Woo.

  • Traumfabrik (1 play)
    One of the closer games of this I've played.

  • Andromeda (1 play)
    Almost everyone but me seems to really dislike this. I like the probabalistic influence and structured trading.

  • Password (2 plays)
    More mellow and terser catchphrase...

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