Sunday, March 28, 2004

Electronic Catchphrase

Electronic Catchphrase

This is a lot of fun and is an outstanding filler. Of all my games this is by far the most played. In the less than 3 years since I discovered it, I've played it nearly 100 times. In general, we play with 6 players, but last night I played a quick game with 4 players while waiting for some other people to finish a game. Even with only 4, it's a blast. In fact, it feels a bit more like a "game" with 4, while with a larger group (even 6, but certainly with 8, 10 or 12) it feels more like a "game-like activity".

Electronic Catchphrase Junior

I picked up a copy of this for my 10-year-old cousin. It was a big hit, and playing with her and another 10-year-old was a very interesting experience, and a lot of fun. First of all, unlike most games the fact that it is "junior" doesn't mean it's a watered down version. The word selection is still good (though it only includes 5000 words, rather than 10,000) and not full of overly simple words. In fact, it included a few items the 10-year-olds were unfamiliar with and one item neither the 10-years-olds nor the adults knew: "TRL", which is apparently a program on MTV. The design of the device is better too: It's not quite as loud, the buttons are clearly labeled and the score is always on the screen.

My cousin and her friend did very well in general though there were a few "generation gap" clues such as "a dance for older people", which turned out to be "senior prom", for example. One rule I don't remember being in my adult Electronic Catchphrase which was listed in the Junior version (which we ignored) is that there is no miming. What a silly rule.

My cousin's friend also mentioned that her teacher would sometimes play EC in class with them (the "adult" version). Bravo for her.

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