Saturday, March 20, 2004

About This Site

I wanted to experiment with a blog-like site of my own, but was dissatisfied with what I saw in the existing blog software. So,
instead, I am using a wiki to maintain it. However, unlike most wikis, I'm the only person who can edit this with the exception of others being able to leave comments on some page, such as this one.

For now, this has replaced my existing game log as well as containing anything else I care to put here.

This site uses PhpWiki, which I have used in a variety of other circumstances, with some reasonably minor personal modifications.

I'm also experimenting with the WikiBlog based commenting, as seen below. Please leave comments, as I'm very curious to what extent this is simply a self-indulgence and to what extent anyone else finds anything here useful.

3/20/2004: I just changed the RSS feed behavior for the site. It now includes the full text of the pages rather than just a link to them. ContactMe if this breaks anything.

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