Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trying out Blogger

I've decided to try out blogger because my old blog software (blosxom, which I love) was getting a little stale and I wanted to support comments again. I'm not (yet) going to migrate my old posts over here, but I might.

I decided to go with Blogger (rather than any of the other also good free choices) for a few reasons:
  • Part of my annoyance with my old setup was that I was sick of dealing with configuring and tweaking it. Blogger is entirely turnkey, including hosting it on my own domain.
  • I already have code that will upload my blosxom files into Blogger if I decide to do the full switch, using the Blogger API.
  • I work for Google, I know some of the Blogger folks and it's good to use your own products, even if I don't work on Blogger itself.


  1. Is there a feed for all comments to all posts, rather than the per-post comments feeds?

  2. Yes,, and I added a link to the main page.

  3. Matthew: Can you tell us (me, anyway) if you migrated old posts and how you did it? I am looking to move a blog from blosxom to blogger.


  4. I posted the details, including the script, here:

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