Saturday, May 10, 2008

All my blogs

I like the idea of blogging a great deal, and have been doing it since 2002. Lately there's been a proliferation of micro-blogging and mini-blogging formats, and while there's something sort of oddly simple about the phenomenon, it's an interesting social dynamic and I enjoy it as a way to maintain ambient social contact with friends and colleagues. So here's all my blogs or blog-like things:
  • My main blog: I've been maintaining this (through several software changes) since 2002 and it's mostly about board games.
  • Twitter: Iconic microblogging, which I've used sporadically.
  • Google Reader Shared Items: A Google Reader feature, that, with the new notes feature is a nice micro-blogging/link-blogging format. If you're not reading this on RSS, these sit in the sidebar on this blog.
  • BoardGameGeek forum postings: Not really a blog, but a potentially interesting aggregation of my posts there.
  • This blog. Until I decide what to do, I'll probably mostly do "real" (ie, more than 2 sentence) blogging here, and if I abandon it, I'll move them over to my main/old blog, or if I decide to keep it up, I'll move all the old stuff over.
  • Friend Feed: This aggregates all of the above and a few other not-really-blogging sources, which is awesome, but it's aesthetic and formatting bugs me, but it's manageable when read in Reader.
I also have an iPhone now, so I'm tempted to do a photo "moblog" even if I am several years late to that game. I could, of course, post those here instead of creating a separate blog and will probably do that unless someone tells me "I read your blog but would rather a moblog exist as a separate feed".

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