Friday, May 23, 2008

Next stage of migration and a warning

So far, I'm pretty happy with my move to blogger so the next thing to try moving my 250+ posts from my old blog over here. The good news is Blogger has a GData API and the better news is that Robert Love has already written a blosxom to Blogger import tool. I made a few modifications:
  • Treats path elements as tags when posting to Blogger
  • Parses the meta-date tag correctly for posts with specific publication dates
  • Emits a mapping of blosxom filenames to new URLs so you can set up a redirect map
Here is my version of py2blogger. So, I'm planning on loading things up. I believe have have FeedBurner and Blogger configured such that people using the RSS feed should see nothing. But, there's a chance I've done something wrong and this feed will explode with bunches of old posts. If so, I apologize in advance.

Assuming this goes well and I continue to be happy with it for a few more weeks, I'll set up redirects on my old blog then. But, in the mean time feel free to browse the archives. I know there will be a bunch of formatting/linking problems in the old posts, which I'll try to fix over time, but if you notice anything profoundly amiss, please let me know.

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