Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Newbury Networks is hiring

My company, Newbury Networks is seeking applicants for a number of
positions. These positions include Professional Services, QA
Engineers, Sales Engineers, Sales Account Executives and Software
Engineers. All of these, except the developer positions, are href=>described on
the web site. The developer position description should be posted
soon. All positions are in Boston except for the Sales Exec and Sales
Engineer where we're looking for someone on the west coast.

For the developer position, we're looking for experienced Java
developers where experience in J2EE, wireless networks, security,
embedded systems and UI design are all valuable.

For those who don't know, href=>Newbury Networks is a wireless
security company providing physical perimeter security for 802.11
based networks. Feel free to email me ( with a
resume or just submit it to the address on our web site.

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