Wednesday, September 1, 2004

August 2004 Games

As expected becoming a father causes a substantial slowdown in game playing. It's worth it, though.
Shockingly enough, I did play some games this month with family and friends while Genevieve slept (sometimes).

11 games played, 7 titles (0 new to me) over 5 sessions with 5 different people.

Hot Games for August, 2004

(ok, all the games for August, 2004)

My mom kept wanting to play this.

Loopin' Louie
It can even be played with a baby in one arm

Another family hit

I really like the opportunities for clever tricks here

Durch die Wuste
Enjoyable as always.

King Lui
It plays differently, but well with 3. Scores are much higher.

Master Labyrinth
I like this, but it always feels a little incomplete, like there should be more to it.

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