Wednesday, July 21, 2004

They Control the Colors

Years ago, someone told me that the reason why various
consumer goods seem to be color coordinated is because there exists a
group that periodically decides what the new colors will be. That
way, when you buy dish towels, they have some hope of matching your
mixer, which can match your throw rug, which can match your curtains.

Well, I finally got around to looking up this "color cabal", and it's
called the "Color Marketing
and they annually put out a list of new "Consumer Colors".
On their web site, you don't get to actually see the colors, but you
can read about "Eureka: A yellow targeted at a youthful audience",
"Oxygen: ...this breath of fresh air is an aquatic blue-green
influenced by silver", and "Orsando: Sand-inspired brown, ... you want
to wiggle your toes in it". href=>Others
have written about this group as well.

There's something very amusing about a relatively quiet industry
organization having such a dramatic impact on the color of more or
less everything.

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