Monday, July 26, 2004


I mentioned Piattini in my
post about Back Bay Restaurants, but it
deserves it's own full review. In many ways, Piattini is a conceptual
cousin to tapas, or perhaps even closer to a restaurant like
Cuchi Cuchi. While they have traditional entrees,
their recommended approach is to get several small appetizer sized
dishes they call piattini.

All of the dishes I've tried there have been quite good and some are
really exceptional. They have a squash ravioli which is a bit sweet
and absolutely delicious, as well as a tasty tortellini dish. I
haven't recently sampled their entrees, but when I did in the past,
they were exceptional particularly the filet they had on a seasonal
menu on one lucky occasion. For a typical appetite I'd recommend
about 2 piattini per person, where they are large enough to share with
two, or perhaps three people, but certainly not more.

They actually call themselves a "wine cafe", but I must admit, I
haven't really sampled their wines much, but what I have had has been
quite good. Their decor is rather nice, and they have limited, but
pleasant outdoor seating, though naturally on a nice evening that
fills up quickly.

It's also worth mentioning that their sandwiches for lunch are quite
good and rather reasonably priced given they are on Newbury Street.
Overall, highly recommended, especially for dinner.

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