Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Not Your Average Joes

Not Your Average Joe's

55 Main Street
Watertown, MA

I've been to this restaurant twice now, and I really like the idea and the menu, and while I have found the food good, it feels like it falls short of it's potential. Their tag line is "Creative Casual Cuisine" and that seems a reasonably fair description. Pretty much everything on the menu sounds wonderful. There are a variety of appealing appetizers: Tomato Soup, Crabcakes, Carribean Buffalo Tenders and more. There's a variety of "traditional" entrees, often with their own spin, including meatloaf, several pastas, and steaks as well as a number of salads.

The first time I went here I perhaps had overly high expectations. I hadn't been told anything about it, but for some reason, I was expecting the extraordinary. In reality, it was good, but unremarkable. I didn't go back for several months for obvious reasons, but finally decided to give it another try. On a second try, the menu was equally appealing and the food was very good. The Carribean Buffalo Tenders in particular were a nice "creative" twist on the usual Buffalo chicken. I had the goat cheese and herb stuffed chicken which was quite good, but perhaps a bit mild. Their dessert special (a couple of chocolate mousses) was quite good, though also a little light, but after a large and quite filling meal, light is good.

Overall, this is quite good, but I guess I was hoping for something more impressive (like CuchiCuchi), but it was good enough that I'll go back, if not extremely regularly.

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