Thursday, April 1, 2004

March2004 Games

March, 2004

35 games played, 28 titles (7 new to me) over 10 sessions with 31 different people.

Hot Games for March, 2004

  • EinfachGenial (2 plays)
    This is a fun clever new abstract from Reiner Knizia

  • TanteTarantel (2 plays)
    I recently got a copy of this complete with bugs. Not unlike FinstereFlure in theme and play, but simpler.

  • FlinkePinke (3 plays)
    This doesn't come out that often, but it's managed to be one of a handful of games that I've played EveryYear for the past several years.

  • ElectronicCatchphrase (4 plays)
    More fun with 4 than I remembered.

  • Medina (1 play)
    Having obvious "pass" plays is very useful

  • Oasis (1 play)
    Every game since my first bad experience I've enjoyed a lot

  • ZappZerapp (1 play)
    For a Ludo variant about shaking things, some fun tactics

  • ApplesToApples (1 play)
    Finally, this game can be played once and folks can move on. I like this, but the continuous "one more play" effect this game had got tiring. Now, it's a nice party game filler.

  • CallMyBluff (1 play)
    I should play this more

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