Sunday, April 25, 2004

Gathering Of Friends 2004

I just returned from the Gathering this year, having had a great time. I'll soon expand on this, but some extremely quick thoughts:

Games of note: Goa, St. Petersburg, Power Grid, SanJuan. All of them were very good. It was also great to see many old friends and make some new friends. As ever, talking to Friedemann Friese, Jay Tummelson and others to hear their insights into the business, marketing and industry aspects of game publishing was very interesting. Also, if you're ever in Columbus, Ohio, try Graeter's Ice Cream. Mmmmm.

For some extremely brief comments on many of the new games I played, see the list of new-to-me games.

Games played: 100
Titles played: 60
New to me: 30
People played with: 96

Individual Game Reviews

New Games

I've started with reviews of games where I have somewhat dissenting opinions on their quality, such as Marco Polo, Tongiaki and Sunken City.

Old Games

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