Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm mostly posting on Google Plus now

I've moved almost all of my blogging-like activity over to Google Plus.

My profile on Google Plus has some amount of public content, and if you follow me there and I know you, I'll add you and I share quite a bit more to my limited circles. My public posts on my profile are a bit skewed toward photography.

For board gaming related posts, I've also created a "Plus Page": mkgray Board Games where I'm posting most of my public board gaming related comments. I just started it earlier this week, but have a big burst of activity due to a ton of gaming at Lobster Trap (a friend's mini-gaming con).


  1. Looks like PlusFeed works:

    Obviously this only works for the public posts, but most of what I'm posting to that page is public, except for photos (see for an explanation)

  2. I get "404 not found" for that URL, and for the example URL that they show on their home page. I am not impressed...

  3. Okay, as soon as I posted that comment, it started working again! Weird. But, this post makes it sound like it's going away:

  4. Where is the RSS feed? can i see?