Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Gaming

My "game of the year" is pretty definitely Space Alert, which for me is a perfect combination of programmed action, cooperation & realtime play, the former two of which I like a lot, and the last which I like when well done, and it's well done in Space Alert.

Dominion remained popular and will likely continue to do so, though RftG somehow almost entirely slipped out of play this year, which is a little sad. I'll have to make sure to go back to it more in 2011. Non-kids games successfully played with the kids this year: Dominion, It's Mine, Ciao Ciao, & Rumis, notably.

Overall Stats
  • 302 Games Played
  • 52% at home (family & guests)
  • 9% at work
  • 18% regular gaming group
  • 175 different Titles
  • 105 days with at least one game played
  • 51 new-to-me games played
  • Gamed with 126 different people
  • 32 new games or expansions acquired
Top Games
  • 32 games of Dominion (9 with 6-yo!)
  • 17 games of Space Alert
  • 6 games of Forbidden Island
  • 6 games of Nacht der Magier
  • 5 games of It's Mine!
  • 5 games of Ciao Ciao
  • 5 games of Zigzag
  • 5 games of Zick Zack Huhnerkake


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