Monday, April 2, 2007

Gathering 2007, appetizer

For the first few days of the Gathering, we're here in Columbus with
the kids, doing fun local things and not so much gaming. Soon, the
kids will visit Grams and I'll do a lot of gaming. So, a quick review
of non-gaming and the small number of games I've played:


COSI: The Columbus children's/science museum is great for kids. Highly recommended.

Graeter's: Delicious Ice Cream, highly recommended for children and adults.

Polaris: Every chain store and restaurant in existence gathered
into one place. Mimi's Cafe is pretty good.

Columbus Zoo: Headed there today.


Colloseum: Good, maybe very good. Definitely worth trying, and
better than Cleopatra (DoW's previous Spring release).

Zooloretto: Much bigger box, somewhat more fun, otherwise very Coloretto-like.

Jetzt schlagt's 13: OK late-night filler fare.

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