Saturday, April 7, 2007

Buy, Maybe, No Buy

Of the new-to-me (and mostly new-since-Essen) games I've played, I
broke them down into three categories: Buy, Maybe and No. Within
maybe there's some more likely than others. Several of the "No"
games are quite good, just not for me.


  • Race for the Galaxy: I can hardly wait
  • Caylus Magna Carta: For me, standard Caylus will be completely obsolete
  • Notre Dame: Good to see Alea "back on track"
  • Friedemann's auction prototype: Can't say more
  • Baumeister von Arkadia: A surprise hit


  • Capes & Cowls: Fun, I love the theme, almost certainly will get it
  • Volle Wolle: Yet another entertaining Zoch dice game. Probably worth it.
  • Colloseum: Probably. But not definitely.
  • Thurn & Taxis For Power & Glory: Probably, but I'm not sure I play enough T&T to make this worthwhile.
  • Pillars of the Earth: 3 or 4 years ago, this would have been a definite yes, probably a buy still
  • Tumblin Dice: probably too large/expensive, but fun
  • Huang Di: probably not a buy for me, but it's interesting and fun
  • Truffel Schnuffel: Cute kids game from Haba, but if I bought everything with that description, I'd be overrun
  • Sakkara: Interesting, but broken without a rules fix, could be quite good with a fix
  • Zooloretto: Fun, but maybe not enough to justify the shelf space


  • Wikinger: For me, it didn't hang together well enough
  • Guatemala Cafe: Left me cold
  • Portobello Market: Short, not interesting enough.
  • Sudoku Challenge: Some game there, but not enough
  • Dragon Parade: Cute, but nothing striking.
  • Jetzt schlagt's 13: Mundane.
  • Stonehenge: I'd like to play the other three games, but the two I tried weren't "enough".
  • Nomads of Arabia: I didn't feel like there were enough choices

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