Monday, October 4, 2004

Quick New Game Impressions from UG8

Saturday was Unity Games
, which was a lot of fun. I played several old favorites (Ra,
Crokinole, Compatability) and several "new favorites" (Heroscape,
Einfach Genial, San Juan) and a handful of new-to-me games, which I though
I'd record impressions of here:

Rumis: Pueblo-like game of building using 3
dimensional blocks. It scores differently, in fact nearly opposite
and the gameplay is somewhat different (your pieces must touch your
other pieces). Overall, its good, perhaps has good or better then
Pueblo. Plus, it comes with a nice "Lazy Susan" style board which
Pueblo would benefit from.

Victory & Honor: Very good
trick taking game. In fact, one of the best new ones I've played in a
while. The twist in this one is that you play three tricks ("left",
"center" and "right") at a time. If you play a card to your "left"
trick, your left hand opponent must play the next card. It's a little
complicated to wrap a strategy around at first, but it's a lot of fun
and very interesting. Clever.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill: This new Avalon
Hill game is a lot of theme, which didn't really engage me, and only a
very little game. It's a sort of neat idea, but not especially and
the execution is mediocre. The components are nice, and there are
some creative ideas, but I didn't see much I really thought was compelling.

Mausen: Multi-player, card-counting assisted "rock,
paper, scissors". Enh. Not really interesting.

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