Sunday, May 16, 2004

New To Me Games

These are games that are new to me, with the newest at the top, along
with whatever ultra-brief commentary I have on them. I periodically
update this, but the post time will no longer change and it won't show
up as new in RSSI fees.



  • Der Herr der Ringe: Die Rückkehr des Königs Ugh. Uninteresting game of dice rolling.
  • Stapelei Simple, extremely compact dexterity game with a donkey.
  • Nuba Older abstract Knizia game worth a few plays

    April (Gathering of Friends)

    • DickeLuftInDerGruft Beautiful kids memory game
    • SunkenCity Light exploration and screw-your-neighbor game
    • Kaleidos Find words in busy pictures. Ok, but not as fun as I'd heard.
    • Masterdieb Amazingly produced geometry, memory and role selection game.
    • SmartyParty Fun party game with lists whose imperfections can be annoying
    • DestinationTresor Clever, novel and enjoyable deduction game
    • Tongiaki Somewhat chaotic but some real opportunity for interesting tricks.
    • PayoffMachine Old 1970s game with marbles. Rather Neat.
    • 5thAvenue Disappointing, but worth another play.
    • MaNiKi Very entertaining animal stacking puzzle game
    • Marco Polo Light but strong game of carefully timed cardplay
    • StPetersburg Few new mechanics but a very good game none the less
    • OldTown Older deduction game (sort of) with a very nice mechanic but very random results
    • Immer oben auf! Fun and cute animal stacking memory game
    • Goa Outstanding complex game in the mold of PrincesOfFlorence or PuertoRico
    • Zopp Fun dexterity game
    • RailroadDice Clever mechanics, fun game, but has some endgame problems
    • OhPharaoh Disappointing pyramid building game with some potential
    • PowerGrid Outstanding Funkenschlag rework
    • MangaManga Dull realtime cardgame
    • LostValley Beautifully produced but blandly mechanical game
    • Spy I liked this like Knizia cardgame but most others were unimpressed
    • Saga Interesting smallbox card game with a nice twist on influence games
    • LePasseTrappe Simple, fun, entertaining wooden dexterity game
    • MusicMystery Music trivia game. Not my thing.
    • Memoir44 BattleCry in World War 2. Fun and nicely produced.
    • BlueMoon Nice Knizia two player. Needs more plays, but I'm in no rush.


    • Alexandros Some nice mechanics but led to a bad kingmaker result.
    • SanJuan Very good. Lots of potential.


    • Hansa Not bad, but awfully monotonous commodity collection game
    • EinfachGenial Fun 2-, 3- or 4-player abstract from Reiner Knizia
    • Corsari Very light and seemingly overly-luck dominated card game
    • TicketToRide Nice middle-weight game of connecting cities and building rails
    • Maritim Interesting puzzle movement game. _Way_ too long with six players.
    • Landlord A "take that" game from Friedemann Friese. Not bad for a "take that" game, but...


    • Mississippi Interesting older Mattel game all about chain reactions
    • BalloonRennen Very chaotic and random, but we laughed a lot everytime someone slammed into the mountains.
    • Industria Pretty good, but feels a bit scattered. Worth another play.
    • UndTschuss Interesting, but I'm not sure what I think yet
    • Yinsh Very good




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