Wednesday, May 12, 2004

April 2004 Games

April, 2004

Gamewise, April was dominated by the Gathering.

115 games played, 69 titles (32 new to me) over 14 sessions
with 110 different people.

Hot Games for April, 2004

San Juan
I enjoyed this the first few times and am enjoying it more with successive plays
Chaotic, but good chaos. Better with fewer players, perhaps ideal at 4.
Better than Funkenschlag and that was pretty good
Ma Ni Ki!
Fun, amusing, quick.
Length might be the only thing preventing this from being truly amazing.
St. Petersburg
Nothing amazingly new here, but very good
Immer Oben Auf!
Clever and fun memory game
Le Passe Trappe
Frantic and fun dexterity game
Quack Shot
Also frantic and fun, with well armed ducks
Marco Polo
More subtle than most people are giving it credit for

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