Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Steak Houses

Steak Houses and places to get good steak around Boston

Actually, I may not have the most typical view of this. I tend to go to one extreme or the other: I tend to eat either hamburger or filet, and try to avoid the standard non-filet steaks. To me, whenever I eat a steak, say a sirloin, it feels like a pale imitation of filet. On the other extreme, hamburger doesn't feel like it's trying to be filet. That said, filet is the best form of steak and many steak houses also serve outstanding burgers.

Casual Dining Restaurants

There's a bunch of chain steak houses in the Boston area, including Lone Star, Outback, 99 Restaurant (sort of), Joe's American, and Bugaboo Creek. In my opinion, the best is actually Bugaboo Creek, if you can put up with (or even enjoy) the animated talking animal heads on the wall and the family atmosphere. Outback is consistently good as well. Joe's has been on occasion quite good. My experiences with 99 and Lone Star have been more mixed. 99 has a decent burger though.

Additionally, there's the reasonably famous Hilltop Steakhouse, which despite a very good reputation, altogether failed to impress me. I'll go to Bugaboo Creek anyday over Hilltop. Hilltop is huge and probably an experience worth doing once, but the steak was nothing special.

For good burgers, there's a bunch of good choices, including the chain Fuddrucker's, and a couple of good places in Back Bay: Pour House has good greasy burgers. Bukowski's Tavern has some very weird (but very good) burgers including a burger with peanut butter slathered on it, which works quite well.

Fancier Restaurants

On the somewhat more upscale side, there's Morton's of Chicago and Abe & Louie's.
Morton's is up to their usual standards (quite high), and you can sure get a big steak if that's what you want. I haven't actually yet had the filet at Abe & Louie's, but they make a rather good burger at lunchtime.

One of the best filet's I've had in Boston was at Maison Robert, but sadly the owners have retired and the restaurant has closed. Also highly recommended is the "Top of the Hub", whose food is much better than it was before 1994. Neither of these are "steak houses" by any stretch though.

If you have questions or would like to recommend a steak place for me to try, please ContactMe.

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