Sunday, February 1, 2004

January2004 Games

January, 2004

52 games played, 38 titles (11 new to me) over 14 sessions with 34 different people.

Hot Games for January, 2004

  • 10 Days in Africa (6 plays)
    I've commented before that I like this even better than Europa Tour, which I like. Plus, it pleases me that I now at least have a basic idea as to where Burkina Faso is.

  • Fish Eat Fish (2 plays)
    While I'm not the biggest fan of the art here, and it's a bit random, the bits are great and the gameplay is fun.

  • Adam & Eva (2 plays)
    See my detailed comments on AdamAndEva

  • Crocodile Pool Party (3 plays)
    I heard this was bad. It's not bad. See QuickGameThoughts.

  • Split Second (2 plays)
    Super fast, easy trivia. The mechanism here is clever and fun.

  • Fist of Dragonstones (1 play)
    I like closed fist auctions. All the same, this one is good but sometimes outlasts its welcome.

  • Wildlife Adventure (1 play)
    This is a very different experience with gamers than with more casual participants. This months play with gamers led to several dead ends. Interesting.

  • Tonga Bonga (1 play)
    The character of this changes a lot depending on the "bidding" of other players.

  • Industrial Waste (1 play)
    Debt hurts.

  • Zirkus Flohcati (2 plays)
    An all time great

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