Monday, December 29, 2003

Games Of The Year: 2003

In my opinion, 2003 has been a very good year. While no single game stands out above all the rest, many of the new games this year I expect to continue to do well. I've played over 270 different games this year, and here are my picks for the best.

Top 10 New Games

  • Amun Re. This is probably not ever going to be in my overall top 10, but will be in the top 40. An outstanding game with some interesting strategic variety.
  • Attika. This is quite new, but seems to have enough going for it to last.
  • Finstere Flure. Some people don't go for the kind of chaos this game has, but with 4 or 3 players, it has enough control for my tastes.
  • Balloon Cup. While this isn't likely to usurp Battle Line or Lost Cities, this is a respectable "little brother" to these classics.
  • Europa Tour/10 Days in Africa. I like the 10 Days in Africa rule changes substantially better than Europa Tour, and I like that quite a bit.
  • Paris Paris. This seems to have fallen out of favor, but it's good enough and was a big enough hit this year that it earned this spot.
  • Coloretto. I'm awful at this, but I'll keep playing it in hope of eventually doing a bit better.
  • King Lui. Arguably the lightest on this list (though VisualEyes, below is close), but fun and easy to teach.
  • DieFugger. See my earlier comments
  • VisualEyes & New England (tie). I think VisualEyes is a clever and effective party game. New England didn't hit home with me as much as it did for some, but I am eager to play more.

Top 10 Old Games

  • Electronic Catchphrase. Just when I think this is falling out of favor, this becomes better and better.
  • Light Speed. This has surpassed Pico as my favorite 5 minute game.
  • Puerto Rico. This continues to be everything everyone says it is.
  • 6 nimmt!. This is now the game of choice for 6 or more players.
  • Crokinole. We got one of these for our office and it continues to be enjoyed.
  • Can't Stop. This is essentially the game of choice for 3 players.
  • Fresh Fish. I still love this game.
  • Password. I hadn't played a lot of Password in the past, but it got a bunch of plays this year.
  • Princes of Florence. Another classic. Played with the G8GameTimer it is very interesting.
  • Filthy Rich. This OOP game is clever and fun, if random. Clever goes a long way with me.

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