Monday, December 29, 2003

Back Bay Restaurants

I work in the Back Bay of Boston, near Copley Square, and eat out in the area a lot, more often for lunch, but for dinner as well.

Local Restaurants

  • Piattini: Northern Italian, Newbury Street. Recommended for both lunch and dinner. Tapas-like approach toward Italian food.

  • The Pour House: Pub Grub, Boylston Street. Yummy very greasy burgers.

  • Thai Basil: Thai, Newbury Street. Good curries, reasonably priced combos. Recommended.

  • Pho Pasteur: Vietnamese, Newbury Street. Reasonably priced for Newbury Street. I especially like the Vermicelli dishes.

  • La Famiglia Giorgio: Southern Italian, Newbury Street. Very voluminous, pretty good.

  • Bukowski's: Pub Grub, Dalton Street. Unusual burgers, a huge variety of beer, delicious wings.

  • Mentei: Japanese Noodle House, Hereford Street. Good noodles.

  • Chili Duck: Thai, Boylston Street. Good, but I generally prefer Thai Basil.

  • Top of the Hub: Eclectic, Prudential Tower. Expensive, amazing view, and now the food is similarly good. Not a lunch place.

    If you have suggestions for places I should try, ContactMe or add a comment below.

    Chain Restaurants

    There's not a lot specific to say here, but I thought I'd put what little comments I have...

  • Shaw's: (This is a grocery store) Their "a la carte" is a reasonable lunch, and not way overpriced.

  • Subway: Tuesday they have cheap footlong subs for one of the most economical meals in the area

  • Friday's: The Friday's on Newbury Street has very slow service in my experience.

  • Chili's: The Chili's in the Copley Plaza does a very good job, both in service and quality.

  • Cheesecake Factory, Joe's, Wendy's, CPK, Uno's, etcc: Nothing remarkable one way or the other

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