Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Games Summary

I managed to hit the one-game-per-day threshold just barely this year. Gaming with the kids has continued to progress, and that's allowed us to start hosting more gaming. Hopefully, lots more in 2010. There's still lots of good gaming at lunch at work, though my personal amount of play has gone down a bit. Race and Dominion dominated again, and overall another good year of gaming.

My kids are great gamers. My 5-year-old now plays real games, and is beginning to learn some actual tactics, and my 3-year-old finally has enough patience for an extended (ie 20 minute) game. Non-kids' games successfully played with kids include: Quoridor, Twixt, Zig Zag, Chess, Pitch Car, Pingvinas, Blokus Trigon, Dvonn, and a variety of others, focused on abstracts.

Overall Stats
  • 365 Games Played
    • 44% at home (family & guests)
    • 15% at work
    • 22% regular gaming group
    • 12% "events" (eg, Unity Games)
    • 7% other friends' homes
  • 192 different Titles
  • 141 days with at least one game played
  • 54 new-to-me games played
  • Gamed with 162 different people
  • 33 new games or expansions acquired
Top Games
  • 44 games of Race for the Galaxy
  • 43 games of Dominion
  • 9 games of Electronic Catchphrase
  • 8 games of Connect Four
  • 7 games of Viva Topo!
  • 6 games of Loopin' Louie
  • 5 games of Quoridor
  • 5 games of The Adventurers
  • 5 games of Go Away Monster!

New Games
The kids' game success of the year was clearly Viva Topo! which I picked up at Danger Planet when they had their store closing clearance. It's a nice push your luck race game, which is a mechanic that works well with kids.

Among the adult games, only the expansions for Race and Dominion really stand out. Three Commandments, The Adventurers, Ghost Stories and At the Gates of Loyang were all very good, but none are breakout hits.

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