Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Games of the year, 2007

Last year, I did my personal "game of the year" for several categories, and I'll do it again:

Light Game/Filler

Factory Fun

This may be skirting the line of what constitutes light/filler. If you think it's over the line, the award should instead go to Felix: Cat in the Sack, and the honorable mention to Toppo.

2-player game

Race for the Galaxy

Race is sufficiently exceptional it does deserve the two awards it
gets here. No other 2-player stood out this year, but classic
favorites Blue Moon and Knockabout deserve honorable mentions.


Go Away Monster!

Of the 27 games I played with my 3-year-old, 11 of them were this
game, making it a clear winner. Her and my other favorites in this
are include Monza and Who Lives Where?. Zof im
also gets an honorable mention for being really neat.


Race for the Galaxy

Unambiguous and amazing. This game is likely to rapidly ascend to top-10 of all-time status. Honorable mention: Notre Dame



Still amazing.

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