Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gamer, age 2

Ok, my daughter doesn't actually play many games, but she thinks she
does. She can really play "Go Away Monster!", fully by the rules.
Heck, she even teaches other people the rules. She gets that one.
But for most games, she really means she wants to play with the pieces.

She has a few favorites, such as Zick Zack, Gulo Gulo and Konig der
Maulwurfel (which is really cute to try to hear a two-year-old say),
but she enjoys Chess, Plumpsack, Cartagena, Sambesi, Dawn Under,
Hamster Rolle, Kayanak, Villa Paletti, Face-It and a variety of
others. Even if she's not quite there in terms of the rules of most
of the games, she understands the meta-game. She'll say "Let's play a
daddy game!" and we'll proceed to peruse the shelves and she'll say
"How about this one?" or "Maybe Gulo Guolo?" until we settle on
something. We'll set it out, play with the pieces and clean it up.

But, the absolute icing on the cake is what she's taken to saying
lately when we're playing games. She'll turn to me, look me in the
eyes, and declare "Daddy, I love playing games with you." I love
playing games with her.

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