Friday, December 29, 2006

Games of the year, 2006

This year, I'm doing a few categories as well as an overall "game of the year".

Best Light Game/Filler

Um Krone und Kragen

I really enjoy this one and it is a shame the English edition has run
into printing problems and the like. Once I get my own copy, I expect plays to go up.

2-player Game

Times Square

This is fun, but unfortunately it is more representative of a bit of a
weak year for 2-player games, for me. Honorable mention for two older
2-player games that I enjoyed a lot this year: Deflexion and Darter.

Kids/Family Game

Nacht der Magier

Very cute and plays well (albeit very differently) in the dark and in the light.


Blue Moon City
An outstanding offering from Knizia. Honorable mentions (both very strong): Thurn & Taxis and Augsburg 1520.

Amerigame and Game of the Year


I am not usually a big fan of long games, but when I like them, they
tend to be the deeply thematic games. This game really manages to hit
that the dungeon crawl sweet spot and remains engaging and interesting
for it's full (4 hour) duration as either Hero or Overlord and over
multiple scenarios.

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