Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2006 SdJ Virtual Stock Market Results

Once again, the market correctly predicted the outcome of the SdJ jury selection.

Thurn und Taxis, which was consistently the highest priced game in the virtual market, in fact won. Here are the final prices.

Final Market Conditions
Aqua Romana9.79.712.0
Blue Moon City21.525.025.0
Just 4 Fun3.33.24.0
Thurn und Taxis53.053.054.9

But of course, the real question is, who won the market? This year, five users managed to more than double their starting value (each player started with $10,000 and 100 shares of each stock, guaranteed to be worth exactly $10,000 as well). They are:

  • Winner: huber: $54,723
  • Arby: $53,459
  • beckerc: $45,648
  • Automatix: $42,762
  • Ludes: $40,736

All ended the game with no cash, and many shares of T+T. Joe Huber, the winner, also was in the top 6 for total number of transactions at 186. Ludes wasn't far behind at 170 transactions. Arby managed to get 2nd place with only 59 transactions. User "mit" also gets an honorable mention for being the only player who ended with more cash than their starting net worth, at $20,936.

We had roughly the same number of active participants this year, at 126, with 100 people engaging in 10 or more transactions. In various alternate universes, here's who would have won:

  • If Blue Moon City had won, Ninjabob would have won, with over $100,000
  • If Aqua Romana had won, Scurra would have won, with over $200,000
  • If Seerauber had won, aseoghenrik would have won, with over $270,000
  • If Just 4 Fun had won, aldie would have won, with over $370,000

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