Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blue Moon Deck DB

I've been playing Blue Moon a bunch recently. It's very interesting.
I had played it a couple times and been pretty unimpressed, but recent
comments online and in person made me give it a second look and I'm
glad I did. Just a few weeks ago, the final two expansion decks were
released. This means some of the more advanced deckbuilding
capabilities are fully possible. Personally, I find the idea of a
deckbuilding game quite appealing, but the blind purchase aspect of
CCGs has been such a negative feature to me that I've avoided them.
Blue Moon has some very CCG like qualities, with two big
qualifications: There are no blind purchases and the money pit is much
shallower -- you can own every deck and given that the rules prohibit
duplicate cards in a deck, construct every conceivable deck for $105,
if you pay full retail cost.

So, I decided it would be nice to have a tool to help build decks and
more importantly, a place to share these constructed decks online.
So, I built the Blue Moon Deck DB, a web based tool to help design and share decks. It's Firefox only and is a little rough around the edges. I'm hoping to add more features soon, but I'm interested in feedback and once I'm comfortable with its stability, I'll post it to the wider audience at BGG and perhaps elsewhere.

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