Monday, September 5, 2005

Happiness by Author

Several years ago, Joe Huber proposed a "happiness metric" for games
which I think works very well. The happiness score of a game is
H = (R-O)*(N*T)
where H is the happiness score, R is the
rating, O is an offset (4.5), N is the number of times you've played
it and T is the average playing time in minutes.

Having been compiling this kind of data for some time, I decided to
see what authors produced the most "happiness". The results aren't
too surprising, but they're still interesting. In particular, while
it's no surprise that Reiner Knizia comes out on top, I'm still
impressed that he outperforms the next highest author by a factor of
over 4. Further, it's nice to see that most of the authors make on the
list by virtue of several games rather than a single dominant game.

Each author is listed along with the number of happiness points
and the games which are the biggest individual contributors to the

  1. Reiner Knizia (67.8k) (Battle Line, LOTR, Traumfabrik, Ra)
  2. Richard Garfield (15.1k) (RoboRally)
  3. Andreas Seyfarth (13.1k) (Puerto Rico, San Juan)
  4. Stefan Dorra (10k) (Medina, For Sale, Hick Hack)
  5. Wolfgang Kramer (8.7k) (6 nimmt!, Princes of Florence)
  6. Uwe Rosenberg (8.7k) (Schnaeppchen Jagd, Mamma Mia, Bohnanza)
  7. Friedemann Friese (8.3k) (FFFF, Power Grid, Finstere Flure, Fresh Fish, Foppen)
  8. Sid Sackson (7.6k) (Can't Stop, KK&K)
  9. Richard Borg (6.2k) (Call my Bluff)
  10. Aaron Weissblum (5.3k) (Spin Ball, Das Amulett, Oasis, 10DiA)
  11. Marcel Cacasola Merkle (4.7k) (FFFF, Attika)
  12. Alex Randolph (4.2k) (Ricochet Robot, Code 777, Ghosts)
  13. Franz-Benno Delonge (4.2k) (TransAmerica)
  14. Alan Moon (3.9k) (Das Amulett, Oasis, 10DiA, TTR)
  15. Reinhard Staupe (3.8k) (Basari)

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