Thursday, July 7, 2005

Gray TiddlyWiki

Last year, I saw a very cool hack called "TiddlyWiki" which was a
standalone javascript wiki of sorts. It was a very cool hack, but was
missing a number of things that would be necessary to make it truly
useful. I assumed it retained it's status as "just a cool hack".
Little did I know.

Last week, for some reason I found myself thinking about TiddlyWiki,
and ended up looking it up. The author, Jeremy Ruston, had continued
development and turned it into a rather impressive little application.
It was missing a few features I would like, but I figured I could
modify it to do those things. In the process of looking around at the
TiddlyWiki site, I discovered that Steve Rumsby had created his own
adaptation of TiddlyWiki which he dubbed "YATWA" which implemented
most of the features I was looking for.

So, I finished it off, implementing a few more features I wanted and I
present the Gray TiddlyWiki. The
Gray TiddlyWiki has links to Steve's and Jeremy's sites as well as
other relevant stuff. Check out the main href=>TiddlyWiki site for basic
information. If you're using greasemonkey, you may want to disable
it, or at least disable the "linkify" script because it causes
TiddlyWiki's to break.

Overall, it makes for a very nice "notebook" application.

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