Sunday, March 20, 2005

Baby Friendly Restaurants

Mmm, Rav Sauce

Since Genevieve was born, we've decreased the frequency we eat out, but not nearly as much as I thought we might. The good news is that the majority of restaurants we tried have been somewhat or very infant and child friendly. We've had good experiences at Johnny D's, Mary Chung's, the 99 Restaurant, Pizzeria Uno's, Cheesecake Factory, Paparazzi, and Macaroni Grill. Especially in the Cambridge area, we've noticed a lot of families out with young children and infants.

Mary Chungs' was an especially nice experience with Genevieve. We've
been eating at Mary Chung's for a long time and the staff comes over
and plays with Genevieve a little and brings her extra fortune cookies
(to toss around and the like, not yet to eat). Johnny D's in Davis
Square is also worthy of special mention. In addition to having a
substantial "early dining" (which is all the dining out with a baby)
discount, they have toys for babies and toddlers and a very good menu.
Their appetizers in particular are quite good. Further, while they're
a bar with live music later at night, they are a quieter/calmer
environment earlier, but with enough interesting things around to keep
a curious baby very entertained while looking around.

On the flip side, Chili's, which we usually love, is a bit noisy for Genevieve, and "Joe's American Bar & Grill" which we'll probably not return to for a variety of reasons (menu, service, baby-friendliness) was not especially accomodating.

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